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WordWinder - Descarga WordWinder, versión 1.2

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WordWinder is an innovative 3D puzzle word game that is easy to get into and hard to master.

The idea of the game is simple - fill out the box structure with any words that fits to complete the level. Once a word has been accepted it can't be changed. Where the words cross the letter must be the same. To your help you can use any letter and write words from a large dictionary. You can also rotate the structure in 3D to see it from other angles.

Each game consists of 15 levels selected from a large pool of handcrafted levels and are differently configured every time to ensure that each game is unique.

Demo Version Features:

- One hour unlimited access!

- Relax with the untimed Thinker mode or turn up the heat with the Clock and Pulse modes

- Listen to comments from the quirky in-game commentator

The registered version brings you the following features and benefits:

- A pool of more than 200 variable levels

- Unlimited play that will last many, many hours

- Beginner, Adept, Expert and Master challenge levels

- All advertisements removed!

- FREE support and free access to any upcoming patches


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Precio $ 0 $ 13 $ 6.95 $ 10
Tamaño del Archivo 20.36 MB 5.90 MB 5.78 MB 6.04 MB

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Valoración: 0
Clasificación en Juegos de Puzles: 322
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Licencia: Prueba gratuita
Tamaño: 1.50 MB
Versión: 1.2
Última actualización: 3/9/2004
Sistemas Operativos Admitidos: Windows XP, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 98, Windows 2003
Idiomas: Inglés
Desarrollador: Gametoad
Recuento de descargas (español): 0
Recuento de descargas (mundial): 163

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Nombre del Desarrollador: Gametoad
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